Take it Easy!

Ok so dudes a lot has been going on latley! Brindlepup and I are getting youtube accounts! We are throwing a premiere party! We are going to parties ect. And just a guick reminder to go to Fintimes67s awesome party today at 3:00pm PST at the dojo on tundra! Anyway don’t feel pressured dudes, just take it easy! That’s what Brindlepup and I had to do with our teacher last year as she “accidently lost our tests and papers” (like BP said). But the key to putting up with all of that is taking it easy dudes! Around the islands I will see penguins that will be in water and just there feet are in there and the are standing gong like “help me…. I’m drowning.”  And when people say ” Spin the vase at my iggy on map!”(Which personally I have to say really annoys me!) When ever I see people do stuff like that I take it easy! And it’s all good! Like Brindlepup said remember that the sensei is coming July 1-3! Be there cause he is one of the most chilled penguins that I know! Ok I think that you got the point that this post is mostly about taking it easy! So here is I picture that proves exactly my point!


Oh ya! haha!

Oh ya! haha!

Luvvv Pink icey186! DOnt yonk the ball! Poodle juice is an unknown substance!

P.S. You probably know that I have not posted that much but starting today I am gonna post A LOT of stuff! L8R!

Brindlepup replied to this post: HOLY POODLE JUICE, ITCHI! I LIKE THAT HAMPSTER! WOW, I FOUND OUT MY NEIGHBORS REALLY DO HATE ME! I have the urge to run around the basket ball court in their back yard laughing deeply like “AAHAHAH AAAAAHAHAH” And also I think they hate me, because I was playing my guitar, and my window was open in my room ( and my room is close to their back yard) and my guitar was out of tune, but I always make my dad tune it, but I didn’t feel like asking, they were outside and I sounded TERRIBLE lol. Next time I see that old dude playing basketball, I think I’ll yell out the window “DON”T YONK THE BALL!” or I could wait until they are all out side and I could look over the fence and be all like “Your guys’s yonk is in my yard.” ah. they tick me off so bad…

P.s. Comment on this post if u like poodle juice

Pink icey186 replied back: That’s awesome Brindlepup! My neighbors hate mr too cuz this morning I was out side playing the song niosporin on my guitar and laughing freakishly on our language freakenise! And my neighbors got so iritated that they went back inside and even when they were back inside  I was still being a freak! LOL! Remember when I wuz at ur house and I yelled at the 93 year old dude who jumped into your yard ” Dont yonk the ball!” But seriously he really shouldn’t YONK it! When I go back to Volley Ball in August I’m gonna yell at my coach “DON’T YONK THE BALL!” oh ya, I like poodle juice Brindlpup!  And brindlepup I made up “Your Guys yonk is in my yard!”


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