Brindlepup’s Thoughts: Fred/Lucas, and New Itchi and FlapJack show

I’m really having fun with Music Jam. I also want everyone to wish Pink Icey186 good luck…I’m not telling you why because I don’t want to be killed/tackled and pinned to the ground/wrestled/punched by my best friend…don’t worry it’s nothing bad, she’ll get over it. Anyways there is nothing new in Club Penguin, really, just Music Jam. But, Pink Icey and I will let you in on a little secret of ours………..WE HAVE A SHOW COMING!!!! Yay for us. We don’t know what we are going to call it though, we keep being to fair about it. It’s like a show/pod-cast except you won’t see our faces, and that’s the fun of it. Except for one episode, but I’m not gonna tell you what that’s about because then it will ruin it! *cough* it has to do with ladders, ninjas, and a brick…but that’s all I’m telling you. But you really won’t be able to see what we look like that much. Anyways I was watching old Fred episodes today, the first few ones he made aren’t really that funny, and he looks young in them, and has braces. I think Fred is waaaaaaay better and funnier these days, because in one episode Fred Goes to the Park, he is all shy and quiet it seems like, and he doesn’t have that awesome squeeky little kid voice in it. These days, he gets out there and goes for it! Itchi, Fred and I all get our inspiration from wacky little kids, and other reasonable weird stuff, because Fred is the middle child out of like 9 or 10 kids, and he says that is where he gets it from, because we know how funny, weird, random, and wacky they can be.
One way I got my inspiration, to help write an episode of FlapJack and Itchi, was last week I had to be a counselor for a group of third and second graders, and I also sometimes had to keep an eye on the kindergarten. Anyways, the first day this kid, who smelled oddly like juice sat on me and started talking about dinosaurs, OH, and the other conselor of my group, he was my age, and all week he was telling me that his little brother thought he (the little brother) was Bat Man, and I never believed him really, except his little bro (the one who thinks he is Bat Man) actually thouht I was Cat Woman. It’s ok though because on Thursday I believed the guy who was the second counselor, because his little brother showed up wearing a Bat Man suit! It’s crazy, but he is only in pre-school, but that is how I earned the name Cat Woman, so be on the look out in an episode of our show, OH! And the sound track is also coming soon too. Well thats all for now, enjoy your home-made squirel holders and be sure to check out www.FredFigglehorn.com 


P.s. If you don’t know who Fred is, this is what he looks like


Lucas  Cruikshank
Lucas Cruikshank

This is our favorite picture of him.



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