Decoding Sanity Penguin aka Sanity1

Hello fellow squirel buckets. That was an awkward greeting, but who the fluffy poodle ears cares? Anyway, I was just blog searching, you know looking for blogs and webistes better than Pink Icey186’s and I’s……impossible. And I came across this one website, it’s closed down now, meaning that the owner had a goodbye party in March, and doesn’t post anymore. I went to this one page that was telling about famous penguins, and I found an article that was talking about this one dude named Sanity1, but prefered to be called “Sanity Penguin”.

This is like the only picture I could find, because there was no files achived with pictures of Sanity1
This is like the only picture I could find, because there was no files achived with pictures of Sanity1

Sanity1 aka Sanity Penguin is the inventor of the well known, and officially illegal device called Club Penguin Trainer.

CP Trainer is the first real hacking device that actually put a big “Huzza!” on everyone. Sanity, with his evil little hacky-majig thing allowed to hack out up to 9999 coins without being banned, it also allowed to hack other penguins. I could not find anymore on what it allows, because I guess nobody talks about it anymore.

Some interesting facts about Sanity:

  • Main creator of very well known and used CP Trainer
  • His real name is Jake
  • Unlimited coins* and a lot of actions NOT allowed in the Club Penguin use.
  • He is the one that is said to be the starter of the “Club Penguin hacking craze”
  • Rumored to once un-ban himself
  • Once said “I don’t think the moderators can ban Sanity Penguin”
  • Hacked the Club Penguin moderator website, where they virtualy plan out, build, and talk about up coming new stuff in Club Penguin.
  • Sanity is the one that started the rumor that if you stand in the middle of the dojo for 30 minutes without moving, and you will become a ninja.
  • The rumor about the 30 minute dojo ninja rumor is now used by Sensei when earning your black belt

Other Penguin names that are assumed to be Sanity Penguin involved, and yes, him

  • Sanity (actually is)
  • Sanity1 (uh, duh, of course)
  • Sanity14 (proven)
  • Sanity15 (Proven)
  • Sanity Pengy
  • Sanity111
  • Sanity Pengu
  • Sanity77
  • Sanityfn
  • Sanity2009


Sanity’s website has not been updated since November of 2006. One day Sanity1 mysteriously dissapeared, and was never seen again, he did this without any notice, and is also rumor that when he disapeared, he didn’t show up at his party then he was never seen again. Rumors that are also popular, is that there are reasons Sanity Penguin never returned to the cyber-land is

  1. He got banned forever
  2. Some say in real life that he was arrested forcreating such illegal hacking devices
  3. From the government he lost all internet rights and had to pay a fine of $50,000,000
  4. Others say that the reason he never came was he just quit.

It IS recognized by many penguins is in April of 2008 he posted again saying that he “quit” Club Penguin and moved on to hacking other games such as Runescape. Nobody knows for sure what happened to this criminal after November of 2006, but not posting for two years  gives a pretty big hint. My theory is he just realized it was getting over the top, and just decided to stop making hacking devices for Club Penguin. Also hacking device also is the cause of 1/5 of total bans on CP. One more thing, is everybody is saying that he is planning something big, and over the top, since he is a master hacker, and that we should beware. He is more famous than MicroChip123, but what I’m thinking is could MicroChip and Sanity Penguin be the same person? His life remains a mystery, until the “big come-back”

Adios Penguinos, Hasta lavista, and vagabundo!


2 Responses to “Decoding Sanity Penguin aka Sanity1”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    August 11, 2009 at 7:21 +00:00Aug

    Look at youtube sanity1 penguin-im quiting

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