Brindle is back, Brindle is back, Brindlepup’s back gonna do it again, gonna wake up the neighborhood

Oh yes, I am back. I never really was  much into High School Musical, but in the third one my favorite part was when Chad, and Troy were in the junkyard singing the boys are back. But whatever.                          

Hey, yo, howdy, ‘sup, hola, I am back from camping. Anyways, it is sad that today is the last day of Music Jam, but I guess maybe it will be back next year. I NEVER get to see the Penguin Band because a bunch of jerks who have already met them won’t let people who haven’t Back Stage because the people who are the jerks think it’s cool to meet them over and over again. But Cadence is really easy to find, maybe PB is too, but to those of you that have never met Cadence, you have a really good chance of meeting her if you just go into a server, and wait in the room that she is going to be in. At the Penguin Play Awards, in the server Sub Zero, Pink Icey, and I were the only ones Back Stage, and out of nowhere Gary appeared, we were first in that server to see him, except for some clueless dude in the corner, so I guess actually us three got to see him first. G is pretty cool, so is Cadence. Gary will answer your questions which is pretty cool. 

I wish I was still camping right now though. My friends little sister who is like in third grade made me go on 18 walks with her. She even put me on a dog leash one time and walked me around this huge campsite where tons of people were camping….she so owes me, but it’s all good. On the other hand my friend I went camping with, that’s my age, was really random, like me… It started raining and him, his sister and I went into the camper to watch a movie (Beverley Hills Chihuahua) and when it was over we were just watching something stupid, and our moms checked on us, and he told them to turn on the light, but instead they turned it off, and that’s when I discovered he says “What the monkey?”

which is all good because I wouldn’t stop laughing.

Hasta Luego people! (I’m not even a Spanish person, or Mexican person, but I think it’s cool) And as Fred says, be a sweet pickle. Stay good you, little, you penguins, and brush your teeth twice a day, because as Pink Icey says if you don’t brush your teeth before you go to bed, it is like going to bed with dirty teeth. And don’t beat up your friends, and call them worthless, because they will never speak to you again. And respect peoples fears.

And when school starts, study hard and if you are past elementary school, try to get in all honors classes, and don’t get detention (I’ve never had it, but I have seen it, and it is really boring, they just sit there looking stupid) And read, and stand up for yourself to little miss perfect. And remember, Abraham Lincoln is watching you…always watching you










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