I’m back and in a random mood so i am gonna write a long pointless post!

Yo im back dudes! Ya I’m like back from vegas. It is a pretty confusing place. but I loved it! It was awesome except for the grose, disturbing parts (Thank you panini for saying that). Ya some people can be very creepy. While I was walking to down town, My sister panini and I saw some FREAKY dude yelling at a tree. There was this hippyish theme and some hippy band was singing a super hippi like song that had to do with love. So ya. I decided that in my life if I don’t become an actress i want to be a director, if i dont become a director I want to be an artist, if I don’t become an artist I’ll just drop out and become a hippy. Lately I’ve been thinking of the egyptian pyramids so take some time to think about them! They love you, but, do you love them? Do you? Do you? really. really. really. Anyway, Here is a random line from a story i wrote one time. I just remembered it! It was from a story that I wrote called “Harry Potter meets Twilight”. The very last line was “And that’s how Hermione became left handed”. The person that plays Hermione is Emma Watson. I sent an fan letter to her and got an autograph back dudes! Now buy a new bath tub. Sing some songs about your couch. Remember the story behind blenders. Ask you parents about pi. Throw a spider and a porta potty. Give a piece of wood that says Chquck (The Q is silent) to your Grandma and see what her reaction is. Those a perfect things to do when your bored! Now I’m gonna go to Peru, you know, home of the lama. later! (Picture of that Hippy band coming soon later today)

Lots of Brad,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~Pink icey186




2 Responses to “I’m back and in a random mood so i am gonna write a long pointless post!”

  1. 1 Ryanbearsroc
    July 29, 2009 at 7:21 +00:00Jul

    brindlepup plz go to my site i fugured it out! its http://www.wix.com/Ryanbearsroc/Ryanbearsroc thx

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