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Hey guys,

It’s me, Brindle. Sorry I haven’t posted, or done anything in a while. I was sick for a few days, and my mom works at the hospital, and she said that when you don’t feel good, you shouldn’t spend much time on the computer. It was REALLY boring though…especialy because it was when Pink icey was in Las Vegas, so I couldn’t even call her. But at  but at least I wasn’t the only one who was..my bud Boomer (nickname) was too.

Anyway, now you can buy Music Jam music in your igloo.

new music

And it looks as if Gary the Gadget Dude wants to do some construction underground. He says that we have to replace the windows in the pool/cave thingy because last time we left them too long, it flooded the island, and then we had to some major construction. But I don’t remember it because I went through a little thing last year, when I quit Club Penguin, until like last fall, (I made an account in 2007, quit in ’08, then started when Pink got an account in fall ’08)


If you want to read the full article, but don’t want to log on, here is a picture I took of the article. Nifty, nifty,nifty.


If you look, it says that they might throw a party for it or something, so remember to read next weeks paper for more information.

Also a new report, straight from Pink Icey’s igloo,in the new stage igloo, you can now put stuff on -AAAAAAhahahahahAAAHAHAHAHAH- the stage (sorry for the really weird, and random spazziness, long story why I had to do that) Which is kinda odd because you used to not be able to.

On August 7th, a new Penguin Style Catalog will be available, and the brand new penguin color will be out in it too, so hope it’s lavender. If it’s lavender, we will throw a HUGE party with special people, it will be recorded, and we will TRY to post it on this site, if that doesn’t work, expect a lot of pictures in a slide show, it’s kinda classic, but your player card will be featured to show that you supported lavender, if you come.

Remember to submit your story if you want it to be in Penguin Tales this year, the deadline is august fifth. I don’t think I am going to enter, because first off I think it’s boring that they give you topics that you have to write about one of them. I know things about writing ANYTHING, wether it’s a song, story etc. The whole point of it is to go to the very edge, and express yourself, be wacky, and creative, do your own thing, and don’t like something, or do something just becase someone else did it. I might submit one, but I KNOW mine would get in if you DIDN’T have to write about one of those topics, and if they din’t choose ONE from every language of server they have. I’m sorry for babbleing on and on about this, but it just really ticks me off to know that you can’t write about what you want for it, I mean I know it would have to be Club Penguin related, but still. Also check out our videos, because some of you are secretly starred in them, especialy  The Waiter Who Forgot The Evil, the waiter (the contestant) is randomly just kinda there.

And in one week, Pink icey are heading out on vacation to a place that is exactly like the beach, except in stead of palm trees, there are pine trees, and other trees. That reminds me, I know you want me to stop now, and you probably don’t care, but Pink Icey got me a palm tree neclace in Vegas, it’s really pretty, made out of these jewel thingys with three color sparky ones in the middle.

Well later homies, and sorry for the lazy language, I’m really tired Pink and I stayed up till like 2 or 3 am last night, not knowing it was that late.

Lots of Figglehorn,


 (you watch Fred, right)

Go to www.fredfigglehorn.com to watch season one, and two of Fred. Also more season three videos are coming too.






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  1. 1 clubpenguinsmiles
    July 31, 2009 at 7:21 +00:00Jul

    YO! Flap jack if you are reading this, SORRY about my computer! It was being stupid and then made me log off

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