First of all, I’m pretty sure that you noticed, Brindlepup and I LOVE Fred! We decided that he is our favorite six year old! He is so funny and random too so i decided to make a WHOLE post about him! As you all know, the character behind Fred is named “Lucas Cruikshank” and he said that he made Fred out of boredom. He was inspired by his younger siblings who he says are in “The Fred zone”. Funky (It is rare for me to say that word). He is an AWESOME dude! Some of my favorite quotes  from him are “So I’ll be super strong just like my mom”, “And I found out that there are these weird creatures called pilgrims”, “Buttered mushrooms”, “How would you like it if i locked you up between two gated and I watched you laughing like he he he” “But she is my mother so I don’t care if she has curves of steel or curves of fat!” “His name is Sparky……….. I like that name”. There are lots of people who try to impersonate Fred but sorry it REALLY bothers us. If Fred ever invited us to be on his show, like that episode of Phineas and Ferb, when he starts and goes like “Heeey it’s FREEEEEED!!!!” We would be all like “Hehehe, you said the words”. When he was on the Tyra Banks Show (Which personally made me kinda mad but then again he deserves it!) He is right, because he was like, “Well I’m from Nebraska, there’s no movie studios, there’s just a bunch of corn fields. Honestly it made us feel better! 

If he ever invited us on the show I hope he invites us as Itchi and FlapJack! Cause you know, that would be good. Something fun to do us like when you are with your mom or dad in a room, talk to them about Fred or something NON stop and like trap them in the room so whenever they begin to leave, just go like, “Wait I’m not done!” And keep going on and on and talking really fast as your parents are just saying stuff like “Uh huh” or “That’s great honey” or “I’m sure he is”. Brindlepup and I were doing that and that’s exactly what they were saying. OR, another thing to do is to Find your inner six ear old. Just let it out. It’s hard at first, but once you do it, it’s really fun! FlapJack and I REALLY don’t want him to quit making Fred videos so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for him during the teens choice awards! Even if your NOT a teen! Oh ya he got nominated dudes! And if he doesn’t win I really want him to continue making Fred videos! Which I trust he will because I BELIEVE in you Fred! But another thing that we are worried about is, when he was on is on CNN news, he was like “I’ve been thinking of a couple of ways that I could kill off Fred, I was thinking he could get trampled by horses”  So you need to convince him NOT to kill off Fred! PLEASE! OK I’ve talked about Fred enough (Well for now I could talk about him WAY more but I will continue this post later today because I have to go to like dinner dudes!) Here is a picture of Fred. Can you feel that? Just like Abraham Lincoln, Fred is Watching you. Always.. watching….. you.


Can you feel that?

Can you feel that?

Later dudes, or, in fred’s expression, “peace out home dog!”

~~~~~$$$$$$Pink icey186$$$$$$~~~~~

Brindlepup replied to this post: OMG! I could talk about Fred for days! He is awesome! I like his hair, oh, and like Pink icey said VOTE FOR FRED FOR TEEN CHOICE AWARDS!!!GO DO IT NOW! If you don’t vote for Fred, we will know. And do you want to know what we will do when we find out that you didn’t vote for him? Were gonna come, we’re going to come for you, and when we get there, we are going to eat you, SO GO VOTE FOR HIM NOW! JK we won’t eat you, we will just be really ticked off at you. www.teenchoiceawards.com




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