Chrisdog party update and a few questions answered

Hey everyone, I have some kind of upseting news for you. OK, Chrisdog93 has officially CANCELLED his “Anti-Aqua” party, due to the fact that he was getting threatening comments for it, being called EXTREMELY evil and mean names that kids like all of us would probably get grounded for saying. He says that he cancelled it because he felt as if he was being hated, and that he thinks it was not a good idea after all. Chrisdog93 apologizes for any hurt feelings, and hopes that people don’t hate him. My thing is GROW UP, YOU LITTLE CREEPS!!! STOP CALLING CHRISDOG BAD WORDS, IF YOU DON’T LIKE HIS OPINION, GET OFF HIS BACK ABOUT IT. STOP BEING SO JANKING STUPID, IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT HE THINKS THEN GO CRY, AND COMPLAIN TO YOUR MOM ABOUT HOW NOT “POPULAR” YOU OR YOUR DECISIONS ARE. HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO ANY OF YOU SO SHUT THE JANK UP!!!

Now, I would like to answer a few questions I have been asked lately that need some explaining.

Q.Chrisdog, can I use some of the things from your site? I promise to say it is from Chrisdog93.

A. OK, first of all Chrisdog has absolutely NOTHING to do with CPSmiles (The website you are on right now) He does not work here, this is not his website, this website is probably not nearly as good as his. If you want to use content of THIS site, ask us, if you want to use content of Cd’s website, then go ask HIM at www.clubpenguincp.com

Q. If I add you to my blogroll, will you help me out with my blog by adding my site to your blogroll.

A. OK dude, we would be happy to do that! BUT it has to be a website that gets updated with upcoming stuff, and if you REALLY need help getting more hits, sure, why not help a bud out?

Q. How come when I comment it takes so long for my comment to show up, or it is different than how I left it?

A. *Sigh* Here’s the deal. Your comment is sent directly to us, before it appears. Sometimes, we get a lot of comments, and that means we have to go through EVERYONE of them, to make sure that they are not rude, mean etc. SOMETIMES people leave comments, that might not offend us, BUT for the protection of other peoples feelings, we have to edit them to say what they mean, in a different way, or just cut out the mean part.

Q. How come when I leave a comment, it never gets approved?

A. Hmmmm….maybe it’s because we have a special thing here that almost EVERY website has, that is called “Akismet” that does not allow comments or track backs that include spam, and other bad stuff, come in to our server.  Another reason might be….think for a second…. were you threatening, bullying, etc. to us in the past? Huh?! Yeah, that is the second answer to this question. We have certain things, and have dads who happen to be computer freaks, that can do just about anything computer related (no, they have real jobs too, they just don’t sit around on their PC all day being fat hermits) Sometimes we make sure our dads know certain things, and watch certain comments that come on our website. If we have banned you from commenting, you can still visit the site, but your comments will not appear. And if you try to be someone else, good luck with your spam/ comment from getting through to be approved, like I said, even if you put a different user name or email address, we, and our dads have ways of knowing if it is the same person. We have only been fooled ONCE, which was recently, but luckily someone notified us of it before we approved of it. It’s all most our six month birthday here, and only ALMOST been fooled ONCE. We  thank God for our dads…yay dads!

Well, I think I have said enough already. If you have any questions for us, leave us a comment asking us, we will answer it in a post. And don’t worry we will give you credit for asking it, I didn’t put any names on who asked these questions, because I don’t want them to be embarrassed or anything.









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