Festival of Flight: Things you should see

Que pasa penguins? The Festival of Flight is AMAZING! There is so much you can do, and I think, maybe, that they have released the new room. During this awesome flight party, thing, whatever it’s called, you are able to take a special baloon ride. Take a look at how much fun people are having at the Festival of Flight.

Pretty kites

This is a pretty cool devicey thing. Remember how at Music Jam, they had that thing with the bug instruments, and you could stand on the thing, and the instrument would play? Well Gary invented this awesome thing, and if you stand on the colored things, it makes the pretty kites fly!

wear a hard hat

In the pool area, as you can see, they took out the windows, and you can look out them as you fly by the fluffy little animated clouds. We’ll be fixing this up soon you can see.

cloud maker

This is……groovy, as the elderly would say. I say it is AWESOME, it is the cloud maker 300 thingy. It makes pretty clouds that are in different shapes.

Pretty Cloud

I made this pretty little cloud.


This is me, just being a dork in the Dance Club.

cliffy thing

This is me on my jet pack looking over the cliffy thing, where they took out the Cove water, or whatever you call it. As you can see, behind me there is some weirdo couple making up…who makes a girlfriend or boyfriend on CP? It’s not even real, get a real one, it is possible ya know.

hydro cliffy thing

Me being freaky and dorky again.

Island in the sky

This is the veiw of the island in the sky. When you actualy see it, it is pretty high up.


OK, and how cool is the Club Penguin team? Finally, something that happens on your computer the same time it happens on other peoples computers, finally something we can all enjoy at the same time, and have the same interactuions with. When you go to the Forest you get to take a hot air balloon ride, but when you get to the mountain you are going to, hurry and get off, or the balloon will head back with you in it.

in the sky

This is what my flight looked like, pretty cool, huh? Sometimes, if you get on the balloon early enough, while people are still boarding, you can watch the timer, sometimes the flight can be about 3 minutes.

At the tallest mountain

We’re here, but why is there hot sauce, and cream soda?

ship cloud thing

And, if you look through the telescope at the beacon, you’ll see this. I think Rockhopper is coming, it looks like it.

spinny thing

And finally, this is a picture of me next to the spinny thing, that lifts up that half of the island.

That is all I can post for now, I have more pictures but I will show them to you later. Maybe Pink icey, or Ryanbearsroc will post something about their experience later.

Brindle out.


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