A CPSmiles article of debate: Did Mimo’s fame force aqua to win? Also, why can’t Chrisdog do something without getting yelled at, and Mimo can?

Everyone knows that aqua is the new color on Club Penguin, and most are very angry about it. The new thing going around in the blogging world is that Club Penguin Gang’s Mimo777 had convinced everyone to vote for aqua. Because of Mimo’s fame, a lot of people feel they should vote for aqua. Brindlepup was looking through blogs, and found quotes such as “I will vote for aqua for the sake of Mimo!”  or “I’m voting for aqua because Mimo wants me to” and “I like lavender, but Mimo is voting for aqua so I will too.”

  After aqua won, Mimo promised his fans a “Mimo Aqua Party”, which could be the reason aqua won, because deouse fans that MUST meet him. But is Mimo really the reason aqua won? We are not blaming it on him, but a lot of headlines include this. Now let’s see here, why is Mimo so loved, and famous? 

  1. Decoding Mimo e-book
  2. Club Penguin Gang
  3. Decoding Mimo soundtrack
  4.  Most popular song on soundtrack on iTunes “Zebra’s Smell Funny

That is four main reasons, but what causes so much attention? CPCP’s Chrisdog93, who is also famous for various reasons, but mainly his website blog clubpenguincp.com, was against the whole aqua winning. In Chrisdog’s defense he decided to throw an Anti-Aqua party, which was going to happen, in the point of filling Fjord with aqua protesters. The party was cancelled after Chrisdog recieving many mean and threatening comments like “I hate you Chrisdog93 because of this,you were my idol, but now I am never visiting your site again, instead I am going to visit Mimo’s site!” and “THE PEOPLE WANTED AQUA, WE GOT AQUA, LEAVE AQUA ALONE!!” and “You are copying Mimo, he is throwing an aqua party, and you go around and throw an ANTI-aqua party.”

In Chrisdog’s defense he appologized in the post about his party being cancelled, still other people took his idea, and threw anti-aqua parties of their own, which DID express how people wanted lavender or maroon. Some people including Brindlepup and Pink icey186 from ClubPenguinSmiles are still trying to figure out why they even put aqua as an option. Many say they look the same, which IS at least 98% true. At the thingy below below Brindlepup’s comparison DOES show an effect.

Color comparison

  In some peoples blogs they say that if it was aquaMARINE it would be greener, but is aqua and aquamarine the same? So why are people mad at Chrisdog when he doesn’t like aqua, and nobody who doesn’t like aqua isn’t mad at Mimo for liking aqua? In this case, the parties should be fair, if Mimo is allowed to throw a aqua party, then CD should be allowed to throw an ANTI-aqua party. Here we are fans of both Mimo and Chrisdog, but it is just wrong that Mimo can do something, but Chrisdog can’t without being yelled at, it is not fair at all, and people who get mad at CD should think, how would you like it if your best friend didn’t like something, and they were loved for it, and you liked the same thing, and got hated for it? IT IS NOT FAIR. chrisdog93-rockhopper-background


Thanks for reading CPSmiles article of debate. For this article of debate click hereto visit Mimo’s website or click here to visit Chrisdog93’s website.

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    May 25, 2010 at 7:21 +00:00May

    This article is more benefit for me. Hope you post more benefit article in the future. ++

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