Penguin of the week special (speech included (little bit) )

Hey penguins, we skipped a week, but now we won’t do that anymore.

This weeks CPSmiles Penguin of the week is a special one, because it is one special penguin who has been a little down lately and  I hope to see smiling again soon.

Honored Penguin of the week

Honored Penguin of the week

 Ryanbearsroc may work on this website, but that is why it is special, this weeks penguin of the week is our very own vice president, Ryanbearsroc. Everyone, tonight will be a quiet night for all of here at CPSmiles. Ryanbearsroc is going through a hard time, and I hope this cheers him up a bit.

Bear, if you are reading this, not to make anything worse or anything, just trying to be a friend, I hope you know what happened to you wasn’t your fault, it was a decision…I can imagine just enough of how bad it must feel. And I hope you know you can go to your friends anytime.

To everyone who does not understand, we are keeping it confidential for the protection of Ryanbearsroc, if he wants to tell you, so be it. But do not expect much of him for a while, since he has every right to not tell you.

We may not know him in real life, but he has been buds since the beggining.

Your buddy,


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