A message from Brindlepup, and the Fall Fair 2009 experience

Hello readers of Club Penguin Smiles!

   I am sorry I have not posted or added anything new the past few days. Pink icey and I have been very busy with school and stuff lately. I can’t believe my membership expires in a week! I am not sure when or if I am getting another… I want to, and hope I can, so we all can still get down and funky together. Well I myself am an artist of many awkward pieces of art, lately I have been working on a lot of virtual art. I should have an art show sometime.

 Wow, I really like the Fall Fair. I am really glad that Rockhopper is staying for it, yet I haven’t met him yet. I really like all of the games and prizes, except I do feel bad for the puffles who got hired to be paddled in the Puffle Paddle game. I also noticed that it is puffled themed, it reminds me of the Puffle Party we had earlier this year. OH! Guess what? I know this has NOTHING to do with anything I have just been saying, but today their was this new dude that is in my literature, and english class that JUST moved here from Tai Wan YESTERDAY! He speaks really good english, and I know that he doesn’t understand a lot of stuff yet, but he is REALLY good at speaking english. It is really interesting, I hope he shows us pictures or something from where he was, it is really interesting to here him talk too. Another reason Pink and I haven’t been posting is we haven’t really felt good the past few days. Right now I have a head ache and a stuffy throat………… stuffy throat? Where did I come up with that? Anyways, you get the point. Well I really hope to hang out with you guys this weekend, because I know I will be on for a while this weekend, so come find me, I would love to meet you guys. I’ll most likely be in Blizzard all weekend, so if you want me, just look there.

Well, see you soon




2 Responses to “A message from Brindlepup, and the Fall Fair 2009 experience”

  1. 1 Shark Bait66
    September 11, 2009 at 7:21 +00:00Sep

    ..lol…everyone is getting sick…get us all trapped in a room together and we all come down with something…awww to be back at school again…all the diseases under one roof…awesome…hehe…

  2. 2 clubpenguinsmiles
    September 12, 2009 at 7:21 +00:00Sep

    lol Same here! Brindle and i are BOTH sick right now and so is everyone else in our class! Well, except the dude who sits behind be who gave me the cold! oh well peace friend!
    -PInk icey186

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