Brindlepups True story: Maby 13 really is an unlucky number.

Well last night, it was  the night of Saturday September 12, 2009. I just got done watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix in my cozy living room. When the movie was over, the channel happened to be Disney Channel when I took out the DVD, well when my dad took it out. I remember watching the last half of Hatching Pete, and then a very old episode of Hannah Montana.

    I fell asleep on the couch, I suppose it was my bed for the night, unknowing what was going to happen. Although I was happy, and cozy on my couch, with the light illuminating from our family’s aquarium, which was not too bright, yet enough to allow me to sleep. Then, I woke up with a bad feeling of something, or at least weird feeling at about 3:50 AM. I could tell my wild, tornado like, yet lovable chocolate lab, Yukon, was sensing something to.

   I could hear the high pitched sound of Yukon, coming from his kennel, there were two reasons he would be making this sound, 1. He REALLY needed to go to the bathroom, or 2. He knew something was coming. With my not so good feeling, knowing that the street I live on just comes off of an extremely busy road. I knew that my next door neighbor live right on the corner, but I knew that I live right next to her, so my neighbor was more in danger. I suddenly remember, when I was about six, I remember I just moved in, the not so big alley RIGHT behind my back yard had a scary encounter ment with someone who robbed a gas station.

   That robber got arrested in my back yard, and come to think of it, that alley way is little, and leads to a little water house, and there is a store on the other side I can see from my back yard, in between the tall pine-like trees that neatly line up the back fence of my back yard. Anyways, my feeling was not normal, so I decided I would leave my living room for the rest of the night. I wasn’t about to go to my room, my room’s window faces the back yard, so my feeling threw that one out of the question. I finally decided to go to my parents’ room, I would go back to sleep on their miniature couch thing.

   I knew I was safe in there, and about 3:55 AM (five minutes after I woke up on the couch) I fell back asleep. All was quiet throughout the house, until about 4:30 AM. The high pitched squeaking noise, of tires skidding on the road woke us all up, then we heard a crash and a horn honk. “There goes the power.” my dad said. “OH MY GOSH! What just happened?” said my mom in a fearful tone of voice.

      My mom, dad, and I all got up and went to see if we could see what happened from the front yard. It was of course dark outside, and I could feel the wet, cold, grass pressing against the bottom of my bare feet. We couldn’t see anything, due to the fact that our whole strip of the neighborhood’s power was out, including the streetlights.
We headed towards the backyard, we couldn’t see anything, and the store behind’s us lights were out too.

          We all went back to bed, but ten minutes later, red, blue, and white lights started to flash in our windows, making the whole powerless house a color full light show like place. We all then again went outside to see if we could see what was going on. Cars were going crazy, and a policeman was talking to our next door neighbor. “Officer, what happened?” My dad asked the police dude. “We are still investigating, it looks like someone crashed into your neighbors backyard. It was a hit and run.” The police officer answered.

        “We could hear it from our bedrooms.” My mom told the officer as he was walking away. He stopped, and turned around to us. His flashlight shining, he asked “Can you tell me more?”  I was standing there, wrapped with the closest thing I could find in the pitch black dark to keep me warm when we were heading outside, which was my mom’s black work jacket. “It was a honk, then everything went black, there was a sound of a car with a malfunction or something.” my mom explained to the policeman. The officer un hooked his black walkie-talkie thing, and said “I’m talking with the next door neighbor of the victims, all three of them say they heard what went on.” He put it back and asked us “Can you tell me about what time this happened?” “It was about 4:30, I remember looking at the clock when I went to see what was wrong with my dog.” My dad answered to the policeman.

     “Would you like to be a witness mister?” The police dude asked my dad. My parents looked at each other, “Sure.” My dad replied, then the officer asked for my dad’s full name, our address, our phone number, and all that stuff. He then went back to his business, and we all went back to bed. I had another feeling it was a weird feeling of “It’s fun being part of an investigation” Now we will be a part of their little thing, and be featured.

    8:00 AM, Sunday September 13, 2009 we saw our neighbors back fence completely totaled, it was almost pushed all the way to our neighbors wall. I am thankful that is not my house, I am thankful I did not sleep in my room that night, if the drunk/ fallen asleep driver had went any farther. And well, that’s my true story.




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