Something to think about

Hey hobos! This is Brindlepup in, and I know I’m supposed to be on break until Saturday, but I wanted to tell you guys something so hilarious that when I was thinking about it, I laughed so hard, my beard fell off. It really gives you a kick of a humor bug, and something to think about. Anyways, please note, to laugh about this, you must think about it very clearly until you find the funny part. So at our school, you can serve lunch, and be payed with free lunches, well they make you wear hair-nets, right? But on Spongebob, if you think, and concentrate REALLY, REALLY hard, a beard will pop out, so don’t you think that they should make you wear beard-nets? I mean think about it, when your cooking, you have to think really hard, and concentrate, and while your baking a cake or something, you don’t want to be putting on the frosting, and then all of a sudden a beard pops out and you get a bunch of beard-hair in the cake. We also started talking about how at our elemetary school, we had to wear uniforms, well what if at our school now, the principal decides we need uniforms,  is talking about it at an assembly, and then two male models walk out wearing beard nets. Also, during math tests and stuff, you also think really hard, so I think that when you’re walking into your math classroom, the teacher should be standing in the door way, and passing out beard nets as kids walk in. Over the intercom, they could even be like “Attention all  students, again, attention all seventh and eighth grade students, the harvest dance is next Friday, we will be having a fundraiser, so be sure to bring a donation. Another reminder, please remember to bring your beard nets, again, please don’t forget your beard nets.” The harvest dance isn’t really next Friday, but when it’s close, thats how I imagine them saying it over the intercom. Or they could also say something like “Hello students, this is James from student leadership, here to remind you that you have a chance to sign up for the next field trip, which will take place next Wednesday, so be sure to bring your beard nets, they are your tickets into the museum.” I don’t know about you guys, but if you really think about it, and have fun with the thought, then you can get about 6 hours of laughing out of it. I told this girl named Daisy about it, and she laughed really hard, but then she was like “My dad’s a chef, and he doesn’t have a beard.” Then she giggled and said “Hey, this is Billy Mayes, here to show you the new beard-net!” And we both started laughing again.

 Well, I gotta go shove my best guy friend in a can, be back soon.

Love, Brindle

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