Back to Earth!!!!! Brindlepup’s thoughts. Brindlepup’s welcoming. 15 things she realized. *Must Read*

I’M BACK! Well, kind of, not exactly back to life, but back to Earth, speaking I’ve been asleep for almost 6 days. A lot of you might be wondering what was wrong with me, well here is your answer if you had bloodshot eyes, and you were sitting in the corner of your room at night, hugging your knees, twitching, wondering what was wrong with Club Penguin Smiles. Well the answer to that question is, I had swine flu. Yes, not just influenza, but a certain brand. IT SUCKS! And I still kinda have it. Luckily today, Wednesday, is Friday for everyone who goes to my school, as it was last week too. You know what this means?! I GET TO TALK TO PINK!!! YAY!! No, not the pop star Pink (SO WHAT, I’M STILL A ROCKSTAR, I GOT MY ROCK MOVES, AND I DON’T NEED YOU, AND GUESS WHAT, I’M HAVING MORE FUN, AND NOW THAT WE’RE DONE, I’M GONNA SHOW YOU, TONIGHT, I’M ALRIGHT….) My best buddy (If your smart, you’ll know it’s the one who works here) I could have talked to Pink, but today my voice came back, although not all back, I tried singing. Sounded like a man. I have a really bad, sharp cough, that tore up my throat, or it could have been from when Pink and I had to sing for 3 1/2 hrs straight. I lost it completely, not even a whisper would come out. Anyways, doctor said I can’t go back to school until next Monday, which I know this sounds stupid, but… I kinda miss it, I miss watching the 6th graders bother us, I miss my literature teacher almost giving me lunch academy, I miss Blubber122, and I’s math teacher (who has a strangely accurate  resemblence to Proffesor Trelawney from Harry Potter), I miss the dude in my english, and life science class who calls me by my  last name (and sometimes full name), and then we make jokes  about Casper the Friendly Ghost of English (long story), I miss the girl who loves giving hugs, but most of all, I miss my freaks of friends. I am REALLY excited to talk to Itchi, which is why I’m waiting until 3:19, so I can call her (her phone has also been broken). I haven’t seen or talked to her in about 7 or 8 days. I am so lonely. I guess I missed out on a lot, so I can’t update, because you probably already know. One thing I wat to say is WELCOME RICHIE! A few things I realized while I was un-alive for 5 days  (I’m still not better)

  1. You better always watch your back, or Scare Tactics might prank you (I just discovered that show, LOVED IT)
  2. Forward TXT messages get on your nerves when your extremely sick
  3. Drama make up homework is fun
  4. Miley Cyrus has extremely long hair, but I think it’s all extensions
  5. Myspacebarjustgaveout        Ok, now it’s better
  6. Dora shouldn’t have sleepover with a monkey
  7. My best guy friend’s locker parter is oddly hilarious, and likes red high top Converse
  8. HANDPRINTS SPRAY TANNED ON YOUR STOMACHS LOOK AWESOME IN THE DOCTORS OFFICE! Thanks, Pink Icey, the doctor had to see the totally awesome “tatoo” of your hand (we spray tanned each others hands on our stomachs
  9. Guitars are funky instruments
  10. It’s October
  11. sleeping till 6pm feels amazing
  12. Chocolate labs are annoying, yet lovable. I love/hate you Yukon, thanks for pouncing on my stomach, and stealing my hamburger while I was deathly ill.
  13. Getting tested for swine flu is NOT fun at all, they shove an over sized q-tip up your nose till you can scratch your brain with it.
  14. Your friends are the ones who read your emails before they expire
  15. A lot of people have given me their numbers, and I forgot about them until I found them all under my couch cushion

 Also, so offense to us, but it’s lame to have a website about CP. Also we haven’t told you yet, but in real life we have an awesome band, we are S.F, (not san francisco) that stands for Signature __________ you guess whats in the blank. hints: 6 letters, starts with F, ends with an N. When you hear of us, you will know we are awesome in a different way.

Well, until 3:19 Mountain time, back to sleep I go.



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