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Checking in

Hey guys. It’s your old pall just checkin in on you and sayin that what ever ”Livin Like Larry” thing you want to do will come true if you believe! Like putting an “Out of Order” Sign on the front of your school, or ordering a medium soda(man those are evil) or anything you want! Have fun and go leprechaun hunting and bring one home and if you get a “Your personal leprechaun” comment on your sight, DON”T ignore it, they are very smart.. Ok, good job on the site guys and keep working and keep up the good work. Ok, well, later! Peace out!

(Retired owner)                                                                                                                                                                                  -Pink icey186


Halloween Party!

We should have a Haloween party at some-ones iggy. on the 30 of October. special geusts: Pink Icey186, Brindlepup, Richie671.And Me!

server: Mammoth

Place: still to be disided

Time: 4:00 Penguin Time Zone!                     HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!



Quick burst of inspiration To: The readers From: Your old buddy, Brindlepup

When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicity, and unquestionably.

 -Walt Disney




Richie i can’t tell if this is from you or not but can you put down who it’s from?




do you like the new post if you don’t i can change it.



It’s Blubber122

Hey is Blubber and now Richie and i own the site.

adeos amiagos



Brindlepup’s goodbye (resigning from blogging world)

Dear Richie, 

 Good luck guys, remember, Pink and I will always have access to the site, and will check up on things regularly, so be good, and take good care of this. Well, you might want to do something about the banner, I usually design the banner, but this time I’m not fixing that. It’s your website now, and you’re free to do what you want, just don’t burn the site down ;). I expect good work from you guys.

To  the readers:

I will miss reading your comments everyday, and editing the insulting. I will miss making sure everything is in place, and visiting your webs, and getting to chill, and get down with you guys on CP. It was a great deal working for you guys for 7 months, but a penguins gotta do what a penguins gotta do. You might find me working on a different website one day. Right now Pink and I (in virtual world) will be CP website critics, so keep checking your comments for reviews from us. I hope to still be friends with you guys. No matter what, fans are the best part of being known, they are always there……screaming in your ear. A few penguins… readers too, I would like to thank before I move on is:

Shark Bait66: 

I remember when we first met. To be honest, that was the funnest night I have had on Club Penguin so far. You bring so much joy, and every time I log on there’s a post card from you waiting for me. I remember meeting you, we were in the Coffee Shop late at night, you came up to me and asked me to add you, you said you loved my web. I added you, and it turned out that there were a few other readers in the room who recognized me, they went on my buddy list. We partied for an hour all over the place, and we went in the stage at last and all of us started shouting things like “I HAVE AN EXTRA ARM” “I HAVE AN EXTRA BELLY BUTTON” and stuff like that. It was so much fun. 

Thank you Shark Bait, I hope more fun comes to the party sometime. See you on CP.


Ok, this one is another memorable one, now heres the truth. Truth is, I saw you and Pengo33 on Club Penguin many of times. I always asked people who you were, I search all over the internet to find out, but nothing would come. I spent days, watching the crowds, I was so confused. Now I know why you were/are famous, it’s because you are a great friend Bear. Another thing, truth is again, the reason I let you go wasn’t because I was mad you worked on Paintboys site, it was because I knew that an end was coming for the 3 of us anyways, and you were first to go. If you didn’t notice it, I added you back for a few days, but nothing happened. The memories we had together were great, and I hope they still continue. Keep up you good work Bear, and don’t give up on your friends.

Richie671 (Icecold1234):

Our biggest fan. For a small site like this, you begged to work on it. It took a lot of thinking before we decided it would be best in the hands of someone who cared about it as much as we did. So for our “last will and testament” you get it. Hire who you want (email us, I can tell you how). You hold a lot of memories, and I’m sorry Richie penguin got banned because Pink and I went to your old igloo from Richie (Rich is still on our bud list) and you have a lonely puffle in there. It’s kinda creepy.

Oreo Summit, Tanner3598, Evac789:

THE OREO SUMMIT TEAM! OMG! You guys meant a lot to this website. Tanner- I know we had some blog world fights, but I hope we can still be un-enemies. Oreo- the very first “famous” penguin I knew. Evac- dude, you rock man.  You guys have given us such hospitality, you guys inspired us for a lot of things we have ever done. Evac, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna find out how to wash chilli for you, ok? You guys know us as random internet maniacs, and thats ok, because  we are in the comments we leave. You guys are SO talented, and I know that Oreo and Tanner, you guys are I know a year or two younger than us, Evac, I never figured you out, but I might in the future. Like I said, you guys are so talented. Tanner, you are awesome when it comes to Hypercam-ing, you are too, Oreo. Oreo, I am always AMAZED when I watch your videos. The CPMV for that Simple Plan song blew me away, I remember when you guys were filming it Pink and I REALLY wanted to tell you something, but you wouldn’t reply, and if you look in that video carefully, at one point you can see Pink and I partially. And the YT sub party made an awesome video, except you forgot to click on me.  Evac, I don’t know why, but you are my favorite blogger from all sites, I thinks it’s because I can relate to.  You too, are really talented, and I can tell you like putting Christmas trees up in your igloo when it’s not Christmas time. I always listened to Oreo TV, whatever happened to it? Anyways Evac, you are a nut-nut (in a good way). I can tell that Oreo and Tanner are going to work in show biz when they grow up, they will probably do something like put together real music videos, or be an editor for a TV show, or Oreo, with your insanely funny vid lines….. (“You can sleep in here!” *opens oven*- my favorite) you could be a comedian….. Keep it up bud.


I would like to thank all of you out there for supporting this website. Be on the look out though, because whether you know it, Pink icey and I are always hiding from you on the internet *hint*hint*.

Well, off to “Live Like Larry”

One last time from Brindlepup of CPSmiles,

Waddle on,


P.s. Waddle on, and don’t stop exploring the blogging world, I know I won’t.

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