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New party hat Preveiw!

Hey Look at this i got the new party hat.Ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is a preview of the new party hat and whats it gonna look like on ur playcRichie671 is the bomb!ard! On cp   Ya i know its looks cool!!! (EDIT)    This is really whats it gonna look like though




  ~Richie671~ A.K.A Icecold12347


UMA-Underground Mafias Army!

Congrats UMA You are now the Army of the Week!!!And You might be Posted on Mimos Site.Go UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA UMA!!! Woo hoo!nationflagWe are going to celibrate Uma For being the army of the week On thursday At 4:00 Penguin time Server Fluffy We are gonna have  UMA Celibtartion!!!!! Congratz Uma 😉



Checking in

Hey guys. It’s your old pall just checkin in on you and sayin that what ever ”Livin Like Larry” thing you want to do will come true if you believe! Like putting an “Out of Order” Sign on the front of your school, or ordering a medium soda(man those are evil) or anything you want! Have fun and go leprechaun hunting and bring one home and if you get a “Your personal leprechaun” comment on your sight, DON”T ignore it, they are very smart.. Ok, good job on the site guys and keep working and keep up the good work. Ok, well, later! Peace out!

(Retired owner)                                                                                                                                                                                  -Pink icey186


Halloween Party!

We should have a Haloween party at some-ones iggy. on the 30 of October. special geusts: Pink Icey186, Brindlepup, Richie671.And Me!

server: Mammoth

Place: still to be disided

Time: 4:00 Penguin Time Zone!                     HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!



Did you know?

Did you know That i am a beta??? I dident want to tell you but look i got proof   Richie is a beta Please dont tell SHHH  SPRED THE WORD (Not a edit its real)


Hey Blubber Having a party!

Blubber and I are gonna have a party Server:Sherbet

Place:Beacon (I know a random place!)

Time 3:oo Penguin time

Reminder Add me blubber I am adding at the begging so be there!

Why:Well just a regular party so  Yah Whatever

Be there!

When Ummm lets see OCTOBER 2009, On the  18 witch is tommrow!!!!!!!!!!!


Quick burst of inspiration To: The readers From: Your old buddy, Brindlepup

When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicity, and unquestionably.

 -Walt Disney


Our current goal: 4,500

  • 11,485 hits so far.1,000 more hits baby!


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