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Brindlepup and Pink Icey186’s 4th of July party

Hey everybody, come to our 4 of July party. It’s too bad fireworks don’t exist on Club Penguin:)

When:Friday, July 3

Where: Tundra at the Pizza Parlour

Time:4:00pm PST until 5:30pm PST

Hope to see you there



Funtime67’s Birthday party


Ok so today we went to Funtime67’s awesome birthday bash! It was our first party and the coolest! We had so much fun! After the party was over, Brindlepup and I felt so chilled! We were in the Pet shop like forever feeling so relaxed. After that party, I felt more chilled than I ever have in my life. On CP, Mammoth is like hollywood and Tundra is a good place for all of the famous penguins to take a vacation! Anyway, we were really relaxed and now our igloos are like super empty and they look all chilled. Back to the party, afterwards brindlepup and I threw a little after party at the pet shop. But we had a really awesome time at Funtimes party! It was awesome! here are some pictures….FUNTIMES PARTY!


How do you like the sombrero sheep dudes now Ghost force? lol

How do you like the sombrero sheep dudes now Ghost force? lol


continued ft party cp

After Party

After Party

~Pink icey186




Ok we just got back from Funtimes birthday party, and it was our first party, we have ever been able to go to, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. After the party, Pink Icey and I hung out in the Plaza in Tundra because it was empty, and peacful, then people came so we went to the Pet Shop for A LONG TIME, it was so peacful in there, unlike Mammoth, Mammoth is crazy, but Tundra is amazingly empty, peacful, and a great place to chill and relax after a long day. Funtime’s Birthday was really fun, and look for us in some of Oreo Summit’s videos on You Tube, he recorded some part of the party. Here are some pics of us at the party

Bday partty




Also after the party I felt so chilled, I deleted evryone on my buddy list except for the important penguins

my buddy listBlubber122 is my friend in real life, Funtime67 works with Oreo, and is awesome, to be honest I have no clue who Ohiostate is, but I felt like they were important so I didnt delete him, Oreo Summit is my favorite famous dude on CP, Pink Icey is my bud in real life, and works here, and Seenthings is my dad.

Pink Icey will have way more pictures in a minute, so keep checking back.

~FlapJack Random


One thousand hits!

Oh my gosh Brindlepup and I finally got a thousand hits! Thank you so much for visiting! And for everything else! We are so happy that we made a website and that all of you have been visiting. We are so exited!


Brindlepup’s speech:

I know this is corny, but CP means a lot to us sometimes, after busy days, or when we are just really bored, it is a place to go and find Rockhopper, or make people laugh. Sometimes we can go days without going on, but still, we love it. We have had the site since March 25……happy birthday to me!, and today Monday June 29 was our busiest day in history. For some reason I feel like I just won an academy award……which I will someday, because I’m an actress.                                                                                                                       

Some penguins I would like to thank, that really supported us, and is a BIG part in this moment of ours: Oreo Summit, we discovered you about a month or two ago, but you are our favorite “famous” penguin, and you were first to add us to your blog roll, and we were SOOO excited to know that, and you were also a Big part in us reaching 1000 hits. Funtime67, you help Oreo, and you throw the BEST parties 🙂 and you always reply to our comments. Straw000, you and Oreo are the ONLY people on our blogroll, and you always have the best updates on Club Penguin. One other penguin I would like to thank, and Pink Icey, I know you sometimes hate her, but you have to love her, bluber12 she always says what she thinks about something on the site, If we make something, and she thinks it’s hideous, she says “Guys that is one ugly picture.” Which really helps the site. So thank you Everyone who visited this site, and maybe when I do win that academy award I’ll mention you.


Pink Icey186’s speech: Oh my gosh thank you so much guys for visiting our site! We wouldn’t have gonnten a thousand  hits without you! When we first wanted to make a website, we made one on but I have to tell you that REALLY didn’t work out for us. We had it for like three months and only had 80 hits. So we decided to make a wordpress site and now we have A THOUSAND hits! Thanks for helping us and visiting our sight! Here are a few people that I would like to say a special thank you too: Blubber122, Oreo Summit, and Funtime67! Now that Brindlepup and I have reached our goal we are going to be throwing a 1000 hits party. Keep checking in for more details about it. We will try to plan it a soon as we can! thanks again, YOU ROCK! And Ya like Brindlepup said i do kinda feel like I won an Acadamy award cause I act too!! We have Had SO much fun working on this website together and so much fun seeing that you have viewed our site. We got SO exited when we had 100 views and now we have 1000! We will be getting more updates on our site and soon we are going to have a youtube account so we will be able to post videos for you guys! That’s what the our premiere party is for. Thanks for everything and Dont forget about Oreo Summits party tomorrow at 3:00pm PST on Summit!  Thank again!

~Me…. Pink icey186……… itChI What?~~~~~~ 😀 😀 😀 😀


Fun time67’s Party!

Ok just a reminder that Funtime67’s awesome birthday bash is today! It will rock! All of you guys should totally be there!

Server: Tundra

Time: 6:00pm PST

Where: Dojo

LoVVEE ~Pink icey186 and Brindlepup~


What’s new on ClubPenguin

Ok Pink icey186 here! The CP team have been working on a lot of new stuff for us. The are getting to rooms, new islands, and even a new place on the map, and Music jam 09 is coming back which I am so exited for! AND the CP team made a new language server! Finally spanish! And that is way cool! So if you want to use some of the words on the post wizard class on the spanish server, you can! Like i said, comment on any sentence or word you want to know so that you can use it on that new spanish server. Anyway, I have a feeling that the new room is going to be the tallest mountain that the have on the Cp Ds game, because the picture looks just like it. Another thing that would be cool for a new room is (This is what Brindlepup said and I totally agree) a bowling alley in the forest! That would be awesome! And about the 09 music jam, I am so exited for! I have never been to any of the music jams and now Penguin band will be making a special appearance for 09’s! And all of this is going to be happening in the next couple of months. Wow! Here are some pictures the the CP team has provided for us….

music jam 09!new language on cp!cp new room!LUVVVV Pink icey186 🙂

Brindlepup replied to this post:Pink Icey, can u call me?


Wizard Class!

Ok so Brindlepup and I have been learning some spanish! We like to call it wizard class for some reason though. So if you have a word that you want to know how to say it in spanish just leave a comment on this post and we will send back to you how to say it in spanish! Here are some random words to know how to say in spanish:


Dinosaur– dinosaurio

What a life!– ¡Que vida!

Wizard– Brujo 

Totally! If you want to know any other words just leave a comment on this post!

LLUUVV~~~~Pink icey186! 🙂

Brindlepup replied to this post: Our “Wizard Teacher” says we know enough spanish to get us in jail…we have know clue what that means, but we get private lessons at home, with a wizard stick. Neccista Caerme mi di dinosaurio. Oh ya and Itchi, u left the other spanish book at my house.


Box creator uncovered

Hey home peeps.

I’ve got some news for you. THE BOX CREATOR IS NOT FAKE, IT IS REAL! Somebody named Jillian .S. told us she knows the guy who IS the Box Creator, she is trying to tell everyone that nomatter what people say, she is trying to get people to stop saying he is fake.




You never see anyone with his background though, I will try to get Jillian to tell me why, but I can’t promise she’ll let me tell you. so just to inform all of you HE DOES, DID, AND FOREVER WILL EXIST, AND IF YOU DON’T THINK SO, THEN GO TO STARBUCKS ON A RAINY DAY, GET THEIR HOT CHOCOLATEE, COME HOME, SNUGGLE UP TO YOUR COMPUTER, AND PLAY JET PACK ADVENTURE.


Pink icey186 replied to this post: I think that the box creator is one of the best ideas that clubpenguin has ever had! I love boxes!

Brindlepup replied back to this post: Call me. I need to tell you something


Our current goal: 4,500

  • 11,512 hits so far.1,000 more hits baby!


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