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What a week!…

Wow, what a week! It’s the second week of school for us, and we are having fun meeting new people (only about 6 kids from our old school go to this school, we had a small group at our old one, and just went into  HUGE school). Well, there is nothing really new, and this also might be my last post for a while, no I’m not leaving, just I’m going somewhere for a while. So I don’t have to type all of it, I made a collage of news (I know in the collage I spelled collage wrong)

Migra-style-that time forgot

I call it “The Migra-Style That Time Forgot…..with fun”

Anyways like I said: What. A. Week. First off something I guess I’ll share with you, and give you all a little background on football players for those of you who know nothing about it…. Merril Hoge’s nephew is a new bud of mine, well not exactly a bud, but it’s not like we hate each other, we’re just not close like Pink and I are, anyways Merril Hoge’s nephew is in like 5 of my eight classes and T.A. It is really interesting.

For those of you who don’t know who he is, he played running back, for the Pittsburg Steelers, but then signed with…. I know Bear will like this….. he then signed with the Chicago Bears, and played running back jersey number 33

Later he was diagnosed with cancer, but then was healed! And I don’t know if he still does, but then became a broadcaster  for  ESPN Sports, and if you don’t know what that is……. WHAT!? So I guess that is pretty interesting to know, at first the name was familiar, but I couldn’t remember if he still played for the Bears or not… also it is kinda makes sense why his nephew goes to school with me, IDK though it’s a LOOOOOOONG story, trust me.

Oh, and just letting you know, sometimes drama class is yoga class…….. 😉

Stay awesome



Since when does this show up on CP?

Hey guys, I was just starting a crowd in Mammoth dressed in all blue bragginf about how much I like blue, and how much it’s my favorite color and I saw someone who joined my group say something I thought didn’t show up.


Since when did love show up? Tell me what you think.



Penguin of the week special (speech included (little bit) )

Hey penguins, we skipped a week, but now we won’t do that anymore.

This weeks CPSmiles Penguin of the week is a special one, because it is one special penguin who has been a little down lately and  I hope to see smiling again soon.

Honored Penguin of the week

Honored Penguin of the week

 Ryanbearsroc may work on this website, but that is why it is special, this weeks penguin of the week is our very own vice president, Ryanbearsroc. Everyone, tonight will be a quiet night for all of here at CPSmiles. Ryanbearsroc is going through a hard time, and I hope this cheers him up a bit.

Bear, if you are reading this, not to make anything worse or anything, just trying to be a friend, I hope you know what happened to you wasn’t your fault, it was a decision…I can imagine just enough of how bad it must feel. And I hope you know you can go to your friends anytime.

To everyone who does not understand, we are keeping it confidential for the protection of Ryanbearsroc, if he wants to tell you, so be it. But do not expect much of him for a while, since he has every right to not tell you.

We may not know him in real life, but he has been buds since the beggining.

Your buddy,



Tickle tickle?

So you all know that the new sports catalog come out. Well, I have noticed that I think Club Penguin enjoys tickling…. ON the page with the Cheer Leader costumes, there is this one girl who is tickling a friend! My friend robbery said something and she is SO right about it! She said “Tickling isn’t even really fun. It just kinda makes you laugh!” But she is right! When you get tickled, it’s not funny, there’s nothing funny and it’s not really fun either! It DOES just kinda make you laugh! Here is a picture of someone tickling her little friend on Club Penguin in the catalog!

tickle tickle?I just DIDN”T know that Club Penguin enjoyed tickling.Maybe they will take my email about being able to tickle other people seriously!

Lot’s of Tickling love, $$$$$$$$$$Pink icey186$$$$$$$$$$


OK here it is!

Hey nifty hippies! We”ll all of you guys know that I went on vacation at Las Vegas, and in one of my older posts that I wrote, I said that I would show you a picture of a hippy band that i took!I couldn’t find it because i am to stupid to comprehend the fact that I actually have a place called iphoto in my dock and I was looking in the wrong place for a month! Here Is the NIfty Hippy band that was yelling at people to sing “Put a little love in your heart!” Well, I could definitely feel the love after all the times that people rubbed me with a flipper saying “Can you feel it? Can you feel it now? How about now Pizza Guy? Can you feel it?” But I am NOT a pizza guy. One, i don’t serve pizza, and second, the last time I checked, I am NOT a guy! Anyway, here is the Hippy Band!

Summer of 69!Lot’s of Hippy Love,~~~~~~~~~~~PInk icey186~~~~~~~~~~~~     😀 🙂 😀

P.S. HERE is edited version of the hippy picture! I made some changes like adding afros on to some people, writing love and hearts, and putting a hat on the bald guy!

Edited hippy picture


Club Penguin News, and something from Brindlepup

Ok guys, a few things that are new I thought I would share with you, since I won’t be posting so much as I used to.


Well, you might know that every penguin’s favorite pirate….yes, you know Rockhopper is about a week away! AND he is STAYING for the Fall Fair this year! So for all of us who haven’t met Homey Rock yet should all meet up at the Dance Club so we can get down together to go find our Homey Rock! Also the new Snow and Sports catalogue came out today, personally I am not too fond of it, first of all they STILL have the lifeguard thing in it, the cheer leading outfits didn’t come with pom-poms, I mean come on  you can’t be a cheerleader without pom-poms, well the cheerleaders at our school walk around with their fists on there hips all day, but whatever. At the Fall Fair, members will be able to access the “Puffle Circus” so watch for that. Also, I know it’s a bit early, but I want people to actually show up for this. I am throwing a Thanksgiving Dinner Party at my igloo, it will be on the map, the reason why is I was inspired by our designer, the way she put my table and chairs, she could probably hook me up with an awesomer way to seat everyone. Here is the invatation:

thanksgiving invatation

It may sound weird, but I’m inviting you all over for Thanksgiving dinner, except it’s the day BEFORE the actual Thanksgiving, because we are all busy with family and friends on that day. Now I know that we can’t actually eat on CP, but we have other things to do, AND I can get my peeps, to find more special guests.  Ok, I know this COMPLETELY changes the subject, but today at school, Pink and I saw this dude wearing a Fred t-shirt, we were so proud of that guy. There is also this one dude who looks EXACTLY like Lucas Cruikshank! Except Lucas Cruikshank is like 3 years older than us so unless he got held back I don’t know why he would be at our school. Everytime I see him I always say “Sup Fred?” but he kinda just looks at me…. I wonder if he knows he looks like Fred?

Now another few things I want to share is what Pink and I learned at our new school:

  1. The health teacher talks about NOTHING, and acts like he wants to get out of class.
  2. The guy gym coach is just plain scary
  3. Guys try to impress us with dumb stuff like rulers, and ninjas?
  4. Pink icey’s sister and I’s pre-algebra teacher always looks and sounds like shes gonna cry
  5. A miniature Taylor Lautner goes to our school, except isn’t a werewolf 😉
  6. The guy whose locker is next to mine looks like Gibby off iCarly, and enjoys offering to open my locker…..

The Gibby thing is REALLY true, he looks EXACTLY like Gibby of iCarly, except better, and doesn’t take off his shirt and start dancing at random times. He is in my T.A. and I don’t know the name so I just call people by what they look like to me, maybe his name IS Gibby, because I call him that and he responds.

We might not be posting for a while, because of school and stuff, but here is our schedule for when we MIGHT be on CP.

Monday-Friday*** At school from 8:45 am to 3:29 pm (Mountain time)

We might be on CP at about 5 pm PST but not for very long.

Well, see ya around,




yes its time to party

Ok Let Me Say You Might Bot Want To Come To This Party But Im Positive It Will Be A Blast!

When:Friday The 28th

What For:Back To School Bash!


Starting At My Igloo On Map

What Time:5:00 club penguin time

Who: We Will Have Speacial Apereances By Ryanbearsroc,Funtime (Maybe),Oreo Summit (Probably),The CPSmiles gang,I Will Try With My Power To Get Lemon 9 or Mimo or even Chrisdog. As You Know My Friend Richie671 Is Best Friends With Heatblast So Hes Trying To Get Heat To Come! Remember,to be there I will record for CPTV and alot more will too! Thanks

Sincerely,Ryanbearsroc (da bear)

Our current goal: 4,500

  • 11,512 hits so far.1,000 more hits baby!


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